Postdoctoral Fellows


B. Doslikova


Doslikova, Dr Barbora
Postdoctoral Fellow, Colmers Laboratory, 9-36 Medical Sciences Building
BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition, University of Westminster, UK (2009)
MPhil in Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK (2010)
PhD in Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, UK (2014)

(☎) 780.492.2853

Project: Hypothalamic control of the initiation and integration of cancer-associated anorexia-cachexia


D. Galleguillos


Galleguillos, Dr Danny

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sipione Laboratory, 9-21 Medical Sciences Building

PhD in Bioloical Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile (2009)

(☎) 780.492.8108


Project: Neuroprotective cell signaling pathways in Huntington's disease.


C. Grey


Grey, Dr Caleb
Postdoctoral Fellow, MacDonald Laboratory, 6-040 Li Ka Shing Centre
PhD in Physiology & Cell Biology, University of Alberta, Canada (2013)

(☎) 780.492.9475

Project: Ghrelin regulation of GrH + LH release from pituitary cells


A. Mohamed


Mohamed, Dr Amany

Postdoctoral Fellow, Posse de Chaves Laboratory, 9-31 Medical Sciences Building

PhD in Pharmacology, University of Alberta, Canada (2013)

(☎) 780.492.6006


Project: Effect of statins on the progression of retinal degeneration and the efficiency of gene therapy in Choroideremia


E. Yu


Yu, Dr Yi (Eva)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Light Laboratory, 6-126 Li Ka Shing Centre
PhD in Physiology, Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Alberta (2010)

(☎) 780.492.6150


Project: Transient receptor potential channels regulated by lipid metabolites and their implications in type II diabetes

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